A Tour through our Interactive Positioning Solutions app

Our positioning and autonomy technologies are highly technical, especially considering the complex ways they work together to deliver precise positioning solutions. We developed an interactive app to demonstrate two main applications within Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division: Autonomous Tractor Solutions and High-Precision Agriculture Solutions.

The Autonomous Tractor demonstrates collaboration between NovAtel and AutonomouStuff, both part of Hexagon, in enabling autonomy in precision agriculture. High-Precision Agriculture Solutions feature the unique NovAtel technologies used within agriculture. The app also includes an interactive 3D product catalogue, giving users a virtual product demo experience.

This article will give a brief tour of these technologies, applications, and interactive positioning solutions.

Autonomous Tractor Solutions from Hexagon | NovAtel | AutonomouStuff

The autonomous tractor was developed by combining AutonomouStuff’s expertise in autonomous systems and NovAtel’s precision agriculture experience. The tractor features similar technologies from autonomous automotive solutions like LiDAR, speed and steering control, and photogrammetry. Still, it expands and customizes the solution for agriculture to meet the need of farmers.

With object detection, localization technologies and an autonomy compute module, the autonomous tractor demonstrates how these complex technologies work holistically to meet agriculture OEM needs. The tractor was built to demonstrate these technologies in precision agriculture and our capabilities to the marketplace.

High-Precision Agriculture Solutions from Hexagon | NovAtel

NovAtel has been supporting farmers with GNSS positioning for over 15 years. The 3D interactive app highlights technologies supporting pass-to-pass accuracy, reliable correction services and specialized agriculture applications for planting, spraying and harvesting.

Addressing soil compaction challenges, crop damage from machine travel, position drift, RTK signal loss or interference sources, this story explores NovAtel solutions. The app demonstrates positioning solutions like global correction services and GNSS+INS receivers for year-to-year repeatability and pass-to-pass accuracy. The app also considers future agriculture technologies for safe and effective UAV operations and robotics and automation solutions.

Exploring the Interactive 3D Product Catalogue

The 3D product catalogue enables users to experience NovAtel technologies first-hand through virtual interactive demos. Users can look inside a PwrPak7 enclosure to see the GNSS receiver and Epson IMU. The catalogue includes an augmented reality feature for users to virtually interact with NovAtel technology. From receiver cards and enclosures to VEXXIS antennas and NovAtel anti-jam technology, users can interact with proven NovAtel GNSS technology.

The 3D interactive app demonstrates how our technologies address GNSS challenges, enables autonomy and delivers a trusted and reliable position.

Explore the app in your browser and learn more about positioning and autonomy – assured.

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