Introducing TerraStar-X: PPP corrections with fast convergence and integrity

At the 2019 ION GNSS conferenceHexagon | NovAtel Technology Manager of Correction Services Paul Alves introduced our TerraStar-X precise point positioning (PPP) correction service. TerraStar-X corrections deliver an accuracy of 2.5 centimeters at 95% in under 60 seconds. In his presentation, Paul outlines how NovAtel achieves this level of performance in both agriculture and automotive scenarios. 

Paul’s presentation is the result of the collaboration between Hexagon | NovAtel and Leica Geosystems. To achieve 2.5 centimeter accuracy in under 60 seconds, TerraStar-X uses Hexagon’s existing correction network with 80+ global reference stations delivering PPP corrections through L-Band. Leica’s expertise in regional Reference Station Networks, which includes over 4,500 reference stations, is leveraged to reduce convergence time without impacting correction accuracy. 

This regional data from Leica is combined with NovAtel’s existing TerraStar-C PRO corrections, resulting in the improved fast convergence time seen in TerraStar-X. Currently, TerraStar-X is available to subscribers in the Cornbelt region of the United States for agricultural and other precise land use cases. This PPP correction service is also accessible in testbeds around the U.S. and Europe for automotive applications. 

PPP Corrections In The Field

In Paul’s presentation, he outlines comparative data on TerraStar-X performance in both open sky and foliage environments. This agriculture use case demonstrates the accuracy required by farmers in pass-to-pass applications 

Paul’s presentation complements another NovAtel presentation at ION by Laura Norman on Delivering Integrity for Precise Positioning Solutions in Automotive. While Paul outlines how TerraStar-X contributes to protection levels and integrity, Laurexpands on this concept with multiple datasets in her presentation 

TerraStar-X and Precise Point Positioning Corrections with Fast Convergence and Integrity 

View Paul’s introduction to TerraStar-X below, including test-bed locations around the world, and performance datasets in open sky and foliage environments. 

Watch Laura Norman’s ION presentation for detailed integrity results on
TerraStar-X uses in Automotive applications

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