Velocity Magazine 2017: A measure of trust

Trust is built and maintained by many small actions over time. In our changing world, certain trust-related qualities – security, safety, reliability – are moving up the value chain of human need. Driving this change is the growing need to not only provide trusted accurate positioning wherever and whenever users require it, but to do so with integrity – that is, the measure of trust in the quality of a position output. Velocity Magazine 2017 displays the trust our customers have in our technology and ability to deliver assured positioning.

The ability to define this confidence for safety-critical applications is built into the core of NovAtel’s technology platform and is proven by our 25-year history of meeting the ever-more-demanding requirements faced by our customers. Today, the multiplicity of sensors onboard autonomous applications introduce increasingly complex integration challenges and face operational conditions where interference and jamming pose particularly serious risks.

That’s where NovAtel brings technical clarity and insight.

Launching Trusted GNSS Technology

With the launch of our OEM7® generation of receivers, we offer customers powerful new abilities to protect their precise positioning solution with the Interference Toolkit (ITK). ITK enables users to detect and mitigate interference sources while maintaining multi-frequency, multi-constellation positioning in challenging RF environments. Because interference is a chronic and frequently acute challenge, our customers can rely on us to deliver even more advances in the automation of interference detection and management in the future.

Correction services will play a vital role in functionally safe GNSS by improving the accuracy and integrity of GNSS – so that it can be trusted. Over decades we have built the redundant ground infrastructure, secure networks and processing algorithms needed to deliver high accuracy and integrity positioning to the offshore Oil and Gas industry through VERIPOS, another Hexagon Autonomy and Positioning company. We are continuing to invest in this critical infrastructure so that it will meet the most stringent requirements of emerging autonomous applications.

These are just a few examples of our commitment to research and development in which NovAtel technology is accelerating user benefits – benefits measured not only in improved efficiency (time) and productivity (money), but increasingly in the far more important currency of human lives. Our investment in R&D doesn’t stop at internal resources – we’ve taken a keen and collaborative interest in the scientific research communities, frequently providing equipment to enable research that might not otherwise take place. Why? Because when we see a need for innovative positioning solutions, we work hard to fill the gaps between the current state of what is and the future state of what might and should be.

Innovating Assured Positioning

NovAtel is building new products with such features as integrity-limit measurement and interference mitigation, while employing the appropriate correction sources and positioning algorithms to create trust in performance. We design and integrate our products into larger complex systems, such as vehicle-control or autopilot systems. We follow a well-defined development process that ensures NovAtel products are safe for these applications. In fact, in 2017 we will achieve compliance with the expectations of the automotive industry. Compliance with ISO26262 will ensure that our products are functionally safe and provide the level of integrity required for safety-critical operation including autonomous driving.

So, whether you are tackling a research project pushing the boundaries of what is possible, building a vehicle system to bring precision positioning to a mass market, or pursuing a rugged niche application like America’s Cup, at NovAtel we are ready to meet you where you are…and earn your trust.

See how NovAtel technology provides trusted assured positioning
through our customer’s stories in Velocity Magazine 2017.

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