Velocity Magazine 2018: Assured positioning

Ola Rollén, President and CEO of Hexagon, recently said, “We see information technology not as a panacea, but as the accelerator that enables us to close that distance between what is and what should be with swift decisiveness and intelligence.”

He’s exactly right. At Hexagon’s Autonomy and Positioning division, we are the positioning technology accelerator. We understand the foundational nature of positioning. Our mission is to empower our customers to develop and deliver effective solutions and, in some cases, change the world. We’ve seen them accomplish this through streamlining agricultural practices, exploring space, and in Autonomous X, our most challenging quest to-date.

Through our global ecosystem of companies – NovAtel, VERIPOS, Antcom, and GPS Solutions – we continue to aggressively advance and redefine the application marketplace for positioning technology. Our world-class engineers and innovators are all working together, channeling their intellect, experience, and enthusiasm into assured positioning solutions. These expertise-driven solutions help our customers deliver safe, reliable, authentic positioning to their customers. Our customers measure success in many ways: saving time, saving money, and often saving lives.

You’ll see excellent examples in Velocity Magazine 2018, including stories from NASA, and global agricultural equipment manufacturer Stara.

Growth and Momentum in Autonomy & Positioning

To support this technical and commercial momentum, we’re expanding into a new, state-of-the-art, 200,000 square-foot headquarters in Calgary. This move will quadruple our production capability and giving new horizons for Hexagon innovation.

As we grow, we look for partners to share these challenging opportunities. AutonomouStuff is one such relationship, as it becomes an integral part of Hexagon Autonomy and Positioning’s mission to provide complete solutions to our customers. The U.S.-based industry leader offers a key supply chain link in the realm of unmanned devices. Now together, we’ll advance the use of positioning solutions like SPAN® and TerraStar-X to drive performance for all Autonomous X applications while minimizing the risks of jamming and spoofing.

Welcoming AutonomouStuff into the Hexagon Autonomy and Positioning team will accelerate exponential growth in the Autonomous X movement enabling cars, UAVs, trains, and vessels to operate safely, securely, and reliably.

Assured Positioning for Any Industry

The increasingly complex demands for precise positioning in safety-critical environments like autonomous driving have laser-focused our strategic imperatives. Our pledge to our customers is to create advanced solutions that provide assured positioning – precise, accurate, reliable, continuously available, and authentic – for any industry.

Stated simply: Assured Positioning – Anywhere.

Read how our customers solve their positioning challenges in a wide range of applications,
industries, and environments in Velocity Magazine 2018.

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