Velocity Magazine 2019: Unlocking the power of autonomous solutions

Hexagon | NovAtel® is an active driver of the assured positioning solutions shaping the world. Through collaborations, we’re facilitating technological innovation to advance many global mega-trends – unmanned mobility, precision agriculture, and smart-city technologies – all of which are increasingly connected and autonomous. We detail these new developments in Velocity Magazine 2019.

Today, automotive and transportation applications work towards the promise of safety-by-design. We feature our positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions in the 2019 edition of Velocity Magazine. You’ll read how we helped navigate an autonomous ship on the open sea, a snowplow in the Andes mountains of South America, and a driverless race car in Switzerland. Our Open Autonomy Pilot program in Peoria, Illinois is also featured in Velocity. This program has become a proving ground for automation software development to test and validate safe automation operations in urban environments.

Innovations in Assured Positioning

Our innovations are at the core of a new generation of passenger-carrying spaceships for commercial operation. In Velocity Magazine 2019, you’ll read about the VSS Unity, the first Virgin Galactic spaceship to fly from space back to California. There, suborbital precision has been reinforced through technology developed by teams of talented engineers at the Spaceship Company and Hexagon | NovAtel®.

Our new Calgary campus research and development lab exemplifies our commitment to assured positioning innovation. With anechoic and electromagnetic chambers, and highly specialized PNT performance testing, the Calgary campus rivals some of the world’s top research centers of excellence. In Calgary, our PNT experts develop tools to push boundaries of assured positioning for our customers and channel partners.

Safety-By-Design through Autonomy and Positioning

Across application segments, our innovative autonomy and positioning solutions are making waves.

Today, and tomorrow, we’ll work with you to advance connected and autonomous technology and ensure a scalable, sustainable future. Wherever you are and wherever you are going, we will be there.

Explore Velocity Magazine 2019 for the latest innovations
and developments in assured positioning.

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