All-weather localization and positioning for self-driving cars

How do you maintain an accurate position on autonomous vehicles across weather conditions and through urban areas?  

Dr. Todd Humphreys, associate professor of aerospace engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, presented his team’s research on high-integrity positioning, navigation and timing at Hexagon | NovAtel® office in early March 2020. Specializing in developing methods to preserve the integrity of GPS positioning techniques, Dr. Humphreys is an expert on secure perception for autonomous systems.  

Hexagon | NovAtel is an active driver towards autonomous solutions, and was excited to host Dr. Humphreys in sharing his team’s research on all-weather autonomous vehicles.

His presentation reveals his team’s efforts in developing 50 centimeters at 95% accuracy for self-driving cars in challenging weather conditions and urban canyons. By combining Precise Point Positioning and off-the-shelf automotive radar technology, Dr. Humphreys’s research demonstrates the next step in assured positioning.  

Watch Todd Humphreys’ presentation on
All-Weather Localization and Positioning for Self-Driving Cars below:

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