How to load and upgrade your GNSS receiver firmware

Users can optimize their Hexagon | NovAtel receivers and GNSS enclosures hardware and software. Regularly checking for updates to upgrade GNSS firmware and software keeps your products operating at peak performance levels.

Firmware acts as the brain of NovAtel positioning, providing features like supporting different GNSS constellations, the addition of inertial sensors, or enabling capabilities like interference mitigation. Software from NovAtel includes NovAtel Application Suite and its onboarding counterpart Setup & Monitor (Web) for remote management and connectivity to your GNSS devices. Updates to these systems may consist of bug fixes, enhancements to your receiver or enabling new features.

Below are steps to ensure your GNSS solution is fully updated and delivering the reliability and precision you need.

Step One: Confirm if your NovAtel product is out-of-date

Every NovAtel product has support material, including manuals, product sheets, application notes or firmware downloads.

Visit NovAtel’s Support page and find the latest firmware for your GNSS receiver, enclosure, sensor or device you use. Alternatively, you can visit the Firmware Downloads page to find a specific firmware version.

Step Two: Download your new firmware files

Updating your firmware ensures your products are performing correctly and efficiently. After identifying which firmware version you need, download the files. The firmware .zip files include notes on what has been updated, the WinLoad utility program and a software license agreement. Next, extract all the files from the compressed .zip file into your firmware file folder.

Step Three: Installing NovAtel firmware

There are several methods of installing new firmware for your NovAtel products. The firmware download includes a WinLoad Utility program for easy installation, but users can also update through the NovAtel Application Suite or the Setup & Monitor (Web) application.

Regardless of which method of installation you choose, you’ll need to refer to your original authorization code received when you first purchased the product or your latest model upgrade. Alternatively, you can query the receiver with the LOG AUTHCODES command or reach out to NovAtel customer support with your receiver model number, serial number and firmware version.

Using WinLoad Utility

First, confirm that your NovAtel product is connected to the computer running the WinLoad utility through a serial COM port. Next, open WinLoad through the firmware file folder and select the .shex file and correct COM port and baud rate where your product is connected. Once you click Write Flash, a notification Searching for Card appears. Then, power cycle your product and enter your authorization code when prompted.

Using Winload Utility to upgrade GNSS firmware from NovAtel

The WinLoad utility is included in your firmware download to make installation fast and simple.

Using NovAtel Application Suite

After downloading the firmware and connecting to the NovAtel receiver through a serial COM cable, USB or Ethernet connection, open your NovAtel Application Suite and navigate to your receiver. Next, click the Device Menu button and choose Update, then browse to the new firmware file and click Apply.

Using NovAtel Application Suite to upgrade GNSS firmware.

NovAtel Application Suite is a free receiver management program that optimizes the performance of your NovAtel devices.

Using Setup & Monitor (Web)

Connect to your NovAtel product’s Wi-Fi access point or through an Ethernet connection. Then, open Setup & Monitor (Web) on your web browser. Click the Device Menu button and enter your password when prompted. Next, choose Update then browse to the new firmware file and click Apply.

Using Setup & Monitor (Web) to update your NovAtel GNSS firmware

Setup & Monitor (Web) is the onboarding counterpart to the NovAtel Application Suite.

Staying up to date on new firmware

Firmware updates for NovAtel products keep your devices working correctly and efficiently. Whether improving the receiver experience or enabling new features like satellite signal support and tracking, firmware updates optimize the high precision GNSS positioning you rely upon in your application. To ensure you don’t miss important and crucial updates to your NovAtel firmware and software, stay connected through our newsletter or social media channels.

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